This blog is about my life & work log, written only in Japanese.

But I have been thinking about writing something in English for quite a while but never really made the move.So why did I decide to start writing in English?

The answer is pretty simple.

Few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Max Schorr & Casey Caplowe, co-founders of GOOD Magazine and Valerie Casey, founder of DESIGNERS ACCORD. The setting was the lounge greenz(English page coming soon!) , our real laid-back loft-like space with antique furnitures.

Over a Japanese “OBANZAI” lunch, we talked about the importance of engaging proactively in the virtual and real community to make social changes. We also agreed that the key to sucess in this green revolution is – collaboration.

But often, these communities are vast, invisible and not sharing, despite the fact they are under the same mission and have the common interest. But once they discover the presence of others, these communities immediately become interconnected networks and it just keeps on expanding. They become powerful forces to drive social change. We all saw that in the Obama campaign.

greenz meeting GOOD was just a perfect example. We immediately got connected.

But that’s not the case for all of us.

Based in an island nation called Japan and primarly due to the language barrier, people feel isolated about being left behind from this global “green movement”. And at the same token, although non-Japanese people want to connect to the locals, there seems to be no accessible information – that’s reason why we are writing for treehugger.

So I thought I should contribute more to activate the community – making the green like- minded community more tangible and more visible. And for the most part, show who we are connected to so that people on the other side of the planet may see us as collaborative partners. It will also be my personal memorandum to keep track of the global green business trends and how we can adopt and integrate that practise and methodology to the local level.

Still the majority of the posts will be in Japanese but I hereby commit to write one post per week in English (hopefully….). You can check out future post under the English Post category.

Will keep you posted.