Nourish Your Soul

Welcome to SACHI PLATE !

Hiromi started baking cup cakes and sweets for parties and gifts when she was 7 years old.
Her mother was an inspiration who cooked delicious home made fresh meals.

During her busy corporate days, she realized the importance of food as medicine and started practicing Macrobiotics , a Japanese approach to holistic living (rather than just a diet ) based on the principals of local, seasonal, wholesome and sustainable.

After learning and assisting Deco Nakajima, a renowned macrobiotic chef in Japan, her passion grew to share the deep wisdom in macrobiotics and have organized macrobiotic cooking classes and workshops touring through the East coast of Australia in 2012, 2013, 2014.

Whilst still living in Japan, she run a small guest house at her surf shack in the Chiba woods (you can read more about the surf shack stories here ) in an incredible artist community where she hosted many a wandering traveler, showing them the best that Japan has to offer and introducing local cuisine. Witnessing her guests from all walks of life coming together at a table and enjoying meals, she realized that food can create instant and deeper connection with people.

​Since moving to Byron Bay, Australia in 2015, she has gained her chef certificate and has worked in cafes, restaurants, hotels and clinics as well as catering healthy meals for events, parties and surf yoga retreats in Japan, Australia, and Papua New Guinea.  She also has been hosting annual  miso making workshops locally since 2016, to share the rich wisdom and tradition of the  fermentation process.

​Hiromi’s passion in the health arena is largely fueled by her love of surfing , food and yoga. She blends her Japanese based intellectual and intuitive approach in every meal she prepares.

Her dietary philosophy encourages fresh, unprocessed, wholesome, local and seasonal produce and is also thoroughly enjoyable. Her unique recipes are based on Japanese vegetarian cuisine incorporating the 5 cooking methods (Steam, Raw, Grill, Braised, Fried) and the 5 elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine optimizing nutritional value but still being aesthetically vibrant and pleasing.

In May 2022, she created @SACHIPLATE, chef crafted Japanese bento box delivery service around Byron Bay. The menu is fresh and seasonal, cooked with LOVE, using macrobiotic principles. Check out the instagram page for details and how to order. !